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Courtesy of the Great British Tea Party

A tea lady brings round refreshments for British office workers in the 1970s. All over the U.K., the arrival of the tea ladies with trolleys loaded with a steaming tea urn and a tray of cakes or buns was the high point of the workday.
M. Fresco/Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images


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What Americans can learn from the soothing British ritual of tea time.

Yes!!  This is what tea means to me, how about you?  

My love for the beverage and its ritual began with my Grandmother.  She was an American married to my Grandfather; a proper Scot from Dundee, Scotland.  From my early childhood until my 30’s, whenever Grandma and I were together, we would stop in the afternoon to have tea.  Living in Japan and Northern England only deepened my affection for this simple, but profound, practice.  What is described in this article about tea in Britain was my experience too.  A cup of tea is so much more than just a beverage.  Cheers! Margo