A bit of civility on a long road trip

We just returned home from a two-week road trip through the United States’ hot and wild West.  This trip was particularly wild as my co-pilot on the journey was my teenage son, with his learner’s permit.  We travel very well together and enjoy many of the same things (e.g., nature, hiking, trying new restaurants).  He even liked having tea with his old mom at San Francisco’s Crown and Crumpet Tea Stop Cafe (http://www.crownandcrumpet.com).  Such a cute place located in SF Japantown; you can find proper tea, scones, and crumpets in this whimsical spot.  On this particular visit I tried their Marie Antoinette black tea; roses, vanilla, and strawberries. Delightful! 

crown and crumpet 2017


3 thoughts on “A bit of civility on a long road trip

    • teawithmargo says:

      Ah yes, I do remember those Lifesavers-type candies. Could probably find them in a retro candy shop 🤔 It was a fun trip (except for my occasional, loud outbursts of “SLOW DOWN” or “STOP”). I really enjoy your blog posts and thanks for the comment!

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