Infuse Tea in Holiday Desserts for Delicious Results


Posted on November 15, 2016 by Elisa • 0 Comments PlatformT blog

Tis the season for holiday feasts! If you’re like the rest of us, visions of gravy and pie are starting to dance in your head. If you’re hosting any of the meals, or perhaps in charge of bringing dessert, you might be looking for new and impressive desserts to wow the family. We highly recommend you consider incorporating tea in holiday desserts to breathe new life into the boring pumpkin pie routine. Here’s some ideas that will have everyone reaching for seconds.

Make chai the spice in your pumpkin. It’s pumpkin spice season, after all. Try steeping the milk for your pumpkin pie in a high quality, loose leaf chai tea mix. Or consider serving pumpkin chai cake with chia infused cream cheese frosting.
When in doubt, use Earl Grey. When it comes to tea in holiday desserts, Earl Grey really gets around. It shows up in chocolate truffles, shortbread cookies, cakes filled with jam, custard, berry pies and so much more. You could even add it to the poaching liquid for pears and serve them with vanilla bean ice cream.
Mint and chocolate are a no brainer. Try steeping mint tea in the cream for your chocolate pot de crème or crème brulee. Or try it in chocolate mint pies, cakes, fudge and other candies.
Matcha also gets around. Matcha shows up in scads of desserts, much like Earl Grey. Ice cream and other frozen desserts, cakes, cookies, custards and puddings, even donuts. How about a matcha cheesecake to shake up the holiday buffet this year? If you’re going to a cookie exchange bring these Matcha-White Chocolate Sugar Cookies and prepare to make friends.  


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