The Everything Healthy Tea Book

My favorite session at this year’s World Tea Expo was Babette Donaldson’s “How Can You ‘Be More Tea’ to Sell More Tea?  The focus of her talk was about developing a closer relationship with your tea customers.  I was impressed with her depth of tea knowledge and experience.

Her book, titled “The Everything Healthy Tea Book”, is a broad reference for all things related to tea and health.  For example, it describes how tea brings people together and facilitates communication; the health benefits of each type of tea; and how to buy “healthy” tea.  On page 260, she shares a fascinating story (which we heard during the WTE session) about how a fifth-grade class of “problem” students were given tea each day.  Over time this resulted in a significant increase in the students’ ability to pay attention. (Love this story!)

Babette’s other publications include,  a series of books for children called “The Emma Lea Books”; a craft and activity book, “Fun With Tea”; and a single issue magazine,”Start Your Own Family Tea Time”.  You can find her products on Amazon.   Cheers ~  Margo



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