Owl’s Brew does it again…

I was fortunate to try Owl’s Brew mixers at the World Tea Expo; they are delicious!  Looking forward to trying their beer Radlers when they’re available in Colorado 🙂

Augmenting its line of tea-based cocktail mixes, Owl’s Brew recently introduced its first line of ready-to-drink products with three flavors of tea beer.

The Owl’s Brew Radlers are a blend of light beer and organic tea, infused with fruits and botanicals. They come in three flavors: The Blondie, a wheat beer blended with black tea and lemon; Wicked Watermelon, a wheat beer blended with white tea, watermelon and pomegranate; and Jam Shandy, an amber ale blended with black tea, hibiscus and strawberry.

WTN160906_ART_Owl's Brew RADLERS-3-lores

Owl’s Brew’s new tea beer.

Produced by a small craft beer brewer in Wisconsin, the Radlers are packaged in 12-oz cans and sold in six packs for $11.99. Distribution began in July in the U.S. northeastern states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

The beers are a blend of 60% beer and 40% tea and have an alcohol content of 4% ABV.

Owl’s Brew founder and CEO Jennie Ripps told BevNET that with the Radlers, she sees an opportunity to tap into the craft beer market. “People want to embrace craft beer, but I think that people are just looking for a flavor profile that’s more accessible, whether it has to do with lightness of flavor or lightness of alcohol level,” she said. “There are a lot of fruit-infused or tea-infused beers on the market. But there’s nothing actually combining tea with beer to make something that tastes great, but that doesn’t taste like beer.”


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