Little things you can do to practice self-love

I posted something similar to this a few months ago.  I hope you enjoy!

  • Get in the habit of telling yourself you are beautiful and your body is beautiful the way it is
  • Verbally say “I love you” to your body and all its little flaws that make you unique
  • Take time to take care of your body: have a bubble bath, make a smoothie with real fruits and veggies, hug yourself, brush your teeth twice a day and floss even if you find it a pain
  • Move. You are not meant to stay still. Practice yoga, try a new physical activity
  • Focus on your brain as well, mental health is also important. Meditate, educate yourself by reading an article, read a book
  • Pick a flaw and say “I am human and this is human and this makes me who I am, and who I am is beautiful.” If someone doesn’t like you because of a “flaw” they are shallow and don’t deserve your wonderful self
  • Give your body enough sleep and don’t over-work yourself
  • Rub your chest over your heart, tell it that it will be okay
  • Stretch
  • Drink tea
  • Keep a journal and write down things you like about yourself and/or things you want to improve
  • Smile when you look at yourself in the mirror, be happy with what you see: you’re used to your features but a stranger may find you extremely exquisite
  • Do something that will make you feel good. Paint your nails and pamper yourself or surround yourself in nature. Do what heals you
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself to who you were in the past and improve. Don’t worry about what people think, all that matters is what you think of yourself
  • Be grateful for the things you can do (especially when others can’t do them)
  • Start really believing in yourself, believe you’ll get to where you need to be
  • Clean your room, it’s like a physical representation of your mind. Declutter!

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