The Magic of Japanese Tea Houses


Yes, that’s a tea house!  How perfect to have a place for tea in the treetops.  Especially with a view of gorgeous cherry blossoms.

Check out the following article from about Japanese Tea Houses/Rooms design and architecture…

The tradition began with Rikyū 500 years ago. See how his innovative spirit lives on in the teahouses of today

March 28, 2016
Houzz Japan editor
The first thing that often comes to mind when thinking of Japanese architecture is theteahouse or tearoom (chashitsu). Teahouses emerged with the development of the tea ceremony (chanoyu or sadō) — an art form that expresses Japanese sentimentality and aesthetics through the act of drinking tea. The chashitsu as it’s now understood is widely attributed to Sen no Rikyū, who developed it by innovating on the spaces already found in Japanese architecture. For this reason, the tearoom holds a special position in Japanese architecture. Even today, many types of chashitsu are being built.

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