Great podcast about why tea is more than just a beverage

I’ve listened to a few of Mr. Cohen’s podcasts and really liked them.  The podcast about youth and tea culture was a fun interview with a teenage intern at  This one is a discussion about how tea is “not just a beverage but an experience, a practice, a way of being, a way of relating with each other and with the universe.”

I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your feedback!  Cheers



This podcast is courtesy of Ken Cohen at Talking Tea.  Check out his other podcasts on the root site linked below:


3 thoughts on “Great podcast about why tea is more than just a beverage

  1. northernteaist says:

    Always interesting to hear others’ opinions on tea philosophy, particularly the part where they discuss the links between tea culture and Daoism.

    Thanks for the tip – this is a podcast I’ll definitely be checking out again in the future…

    • teawithmargo says:

      Hi Northteaist!

      Thank you for commenting! I have felt that tea has a spiritual affect in my life. However, I haven’t been able to articulate as well as this podcast does.

      • northernteaist says:


        It’s always reassuring to come across others for whom tea has gone above and beyond the concept of “commodity” or “beverage”, and has made a lasting, positive effect on their lives…

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