Relaxation Exercise with Tea

Courtesy of Art of Tea. (One of our suppliers!)



Here’s how to beat even the most stressful day:

Finish it with a relaxing and delicious cup of tea.

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic and meditative process of making your tea. But you don’t need a full Japanese tea ceremony: just step away from all that outside craziness for a second and find some “me” time to care for yourself, calm your nerves,and enjoy some peace of mind…

Take a deep breath and walk through these relaxing steps:

Open a tin of your yummy tea and smell that rich aroma of calm and invigoration. Feel and admire the texture of the tea leaves as they dance in your cup.

Hear your water boiling and feel the weight of your favorite tea cup.

Listen to the gentle stream of water fall into your cup and watch the leaves unfurl.

Feel time stop when you take that first sip. Ahhhh.

And feel the relaxation and peace fill your body.

If you’re looking for some extra calm and relaxation in our hectic modern world, the right variety of tea can make all the difference too.

Here are four of our favorite relaxing teas to calm your nerves, even when life gets too crazy. (And these are PERFECT with a great book or to go along with some gentle, refreshing mediation or light yoga.)

1. Egyptian Chamomile
The sweet calming taste of our Organic, Fair Trade Egyptian Chamomile helps to ease the mind and soothe the soul.

2. Sleep Tea (Caffeine Free)

Rest easy with this calming bedtime inspired blend that will send you off to dreamland so quickly, you won’t even have to count sheep.
3. Chill Out
This dynamic, yet calming elixir will ease your mind and spirit, melting away all of your worries and leaving behind nothing but sheer euphoria.

4. Welcome
Relax and immerse yourself into a cup of this inviting chamomile infused blend. Steeps a floral cup with a thin liquor and a sweet and spicy character.

Sit back and unwind with these four amazing and delightful teas that go perfect with a good book and some much needed “me” time.

Next time, we’ll talk about the best teas to start your morning and give you a nice gentle energy throughout the day.

Drink tea and be well,
Steve Schwartz
Founder, Art of Tea

P.S. Oh, and these teas also go PERFECT after yoga because they help rehydrate your body, might help flush away any toxins, and send waves of calm and mindfulness throughout your body so you can feel great all day long.



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