Hop Tea It…

photo courtesy of Charleston Gazette-Mail

Tea and Beer?  I’m sure you’ve heard of tea mixed with cocktails, but tea mixed with beer?  It’s a thing!  If you want to try it here are some tips:

Remember your flavor profile.  Not all teas and beers go together. This comes down to a simple game of color matching. Put pale teas with pale beers, dark teas with dark beers. For example, a white tea pairs well with a pilsner or pale ale. Green tea meshes nicely with wheat beers. For amber ale, choose a rooibos. Black teas and smoky teas (like lapsang souchong) work well in a porter or a stout.

Keep these guidelines in mind and you’ll be brewing tea beer like a pro in no time!  Regardless of all this experimentation, though, tea remains one of the most popular infusions—and that can be seen in breweries all over the country. Milwaukee Brewing Company offers a number of tea beers seasoned with everything from green tea to blueberry rooibos. Rogness Brewing Company’s Yogi is a chai beer. Gilgamesh Brewing spices their Mamba beer with Earl Grey, and Beaver Brewing Company makes a wheat beer with chamomile. The list goes on.

Please share with us your tea-beer experiments, but drink responsibly.  Cheers!

Courtesy of The Daily Tea


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