Mini lemon & clotted cream scones

Baking Fanatic

As I have mentioned in many of my posts, I adore small-scale bakes and any bake that relates to Afternoon Tea (my favourite type of treat) immediately piques my interest.

The recipe for these scones has been donated by Whitworths as part of the Whitworths Baking Challenge. These lemon-flavoured scones are very light, they melt-in-the-mouth and the juicy bursts of the sultanas in every bite are glorious. Eaten with clotted cream and lemon curd they are ridiculously hard to resist!

A natural sweetness:

These scones have just the right amount of sweetness, coming mainly from the natural sweetness of the sultanas, and the subtle sharpness of the lemon in the dough adds a refreshing citrus back-note.

I have used sultanas before in my bakes that are on the dry side for scones and cakes, and are prone to burning if they are on the outside of a dough. These Whitworths sultanas are…

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