Teas For Every Time of Day

Morning Teas

Wake up to bold flavors.

Darjeeling – Biodynamic, certified organic. This champagne of teas is a proprietary blend of 2nd autumnal flush teas, and steeps a pink, light amber color, with a fresh floral and apple-like character and a slightly astringent finish. It is rare to experience a pure 100% Darjeeling outside of India.

Earl Grey Cream – A classic with a twist! Black tea blended with fragrant oil of bergamot and a touch of French vanilla.

Mid- Day

Get through the rest of the day with teas that serve as a pick-me-up. We recommend a cup of tea around lunch.

8 Treasures Green – Enjoy 8 varieties of green tea in a single cup! Flavored with strawberry and pineapple bits, and sunflowers. This is a popular tea; delicious iced or hot.

Peach Oolong – Delightful and refreshing, this wonderfully distinctive tea exhibits a rich Autumnal flavor of ripened peaches with lingering hints of oak and a long honey finish. USDA Certified Organic

Night Teas

Wind down from a long day with soothing herbal teas.

Hibernate Rooibos – Delicious relaxation in a cup! Coconut and lavender taste with organic rooibos, French lavender, coconut bits and star sprinkles. Caffeine-free.

Cinnamon Delight – Sweet cinnamon taste with cinnamon, safflowers, and rooibos. Add creamer and sweetener for a sweet and spicy dessert drink! Caffeine-free

Creating a routine is fun and easy! The most important component is your personal taste, so enjoy customizing your daily tea experience. Cheers!

Inspired by Teavana’s blog post August 21, 2014



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