Have you heard of Fat Rascals?

I sure do miss these! I didn’t visit Bettys Tea Room often, despite the fact that I could walk there from my flat in less than 10 minutes. But I loved these scone-like treats for tea time.


Celebrating 30 years of the Fat Rascal
Posted on 10th April 2013 in Bettys, Bettys Café Tea Rooms, Fat Rascal by Bettys

2013 marked the 30th anniversary of the Bettys Fat Rascal, our unique version of a traditional Yorkshire treat, which is much more than just a scrumptious fruity scone: over the years they’ve become a very much-loved Bettys character.
The origin of the Bettys Fat Rascal as we know it today is said to be the Turf Cake, an old regional speciality. In 1983, the Turf Cake was rediscovered by Jonathan Wild, the great-nephew of our founder Frederick Belmont, who added a few Bettys touches to create the now famous Fat Rascal.
Today, a small team of craftsmen and women at our Yorkshire Craft Bakery make over 6,500 Fat Rascals by hand every week, to precise specifications and a special recipe including the finest quality butter, free range eggs, citrus peel and currants. Each one is then decorated by hand with glacé cherries and almonds to create the cheeky Fat Rascal ‘face’, before being baked and whisked away to be delivered that day.
As part of our celebrations to mark this very special anniversary, Ian McMillan, the ‘Bard of Barnsley’ has penned this unique ode to a traditional Yorkshire treat.
Happy Birthday to the Fat Rascal by Ian McMillan
This rascal’s turning thirty, so let’s all raise a glass
To a Yorkshire institution known across the world
That’s grown in fame and fortune as the decades slowly pass;
Raise your Rascal banners! Get your Bettys flag unfurled!
It started as a Turf Cake; now it’s got a cheeky face
Made from spreading almonds in a ‘gnarl’: a kind of grin,
It’s a super-scone so vast you can see it from outer space
So spread some butter on it, let it dribble down your chin.
Then taste it, feel the texture: it’s like Yorkshire on a plate:
Chew it, feel the flavour fill your mouth and lift your heart.
It’s like one of the family: this Fat Rascal’s your best mate
And if you’ve never had one, well now’s the time to start!
Fat Rascal: Happy Birthday from the Bard of Barnsley
Now let’s all enjoy one with a cup of Yorkshire Tea!


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