How to Have the Full Flavor of Your Tea

Shanghai Metal Corporation

Not many people pay attention to this detail, but in order to make your best tea, it is important that the tea leaves flow freely within your glass. Tea leaves expand while brewing and if they’re stuck in a small tea bag , they can’t expand at their maximum and the quality of your tea won’t be at its best potential.

nice_tea_bag Same tea bag after steepingTea bag before steeping                         Same tea bag after steeping 

One teaspoon of oolong before steeping Same teaspoon after steepingTea leaves before steeping                    Same tea leaves after steeping

Noticed how much more the tea leaves expand after steeping when they aren’t stuck in a tea bag ? When the tea leaves are stuck in a bag or an infuser, they can’t expand as well as when they flow freely.

When the tea leaves flow freely, the contact…

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