Grandparents Day

Today is Grandparents Day so I thought it fitting to honor the memory of my maternal grandma, Alfa Lister.  She introduced me to the ritual of taking tea when I was a little girl.  I looked forward to afternoon tea with her; which was usually a simple cup of tea and a shortbread cookie.  Time with her was very special.  I felt content and longed to be like her; polite, kind, generous.  Grandma inspired one of my other passions, baking.  She learned from my grandfather’s family how to make proper Scottish shortbread.  (Grandpa was from Dundee, Scotland and while Grandma was born and raised in U.S,. she tried to honor my grandfather’s heritage through her baking and cooking.)  Today I will make shortbread and share tea with my son using my grandma’s teacups.   I hope you can have tea with your grandparent today.  If not, consider taking a little time out of your day to remember that special grandperson in your life!  Cheers to you, Alfa!

grandmas teacups


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