Black Tea – when East meets West

I’d like to visit this place!

ET Food Voyage

Taiwan may be renowned for its edible souvenirs and great cheap food, but it is also known to serve outstanding tea as the country has developed a prominent tea industry over the years. When it comes to tea and Taiwan, many may jump straight to bubble tea. Bubble tea is undeniably one of the utmost signature of Taiwan, but I am here talking about actual tea, those freshly brewed from tea leaves. Something that’s simple yet sophisticated.

Taiwan is famous for three types of tea – namely Oolong Tea, Black Tea, and Green Tea.  Oolong tea has been a particularly famous production in Taiwan and it is also the most consumed type of tea in the country. There are various types of Oolong tea such as Dongding, Oriental Beauty, High Mountain, Iron Goddess, and Osmanthus. Different regions of Taiwan specialize in the production of different type of tea leaves.


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