Why talk about tea?

Having a cup of tea is a time-honored tradition in so many countries throughout the world.  I propose that we Americans have a lot to learn from these other cultures.  What is involved in having tea?  1.) Select a special cup and maybe a teapot.  2.) Choose the tea you wish to drink.  3.) Boil the water 4.) Infuse the tea (loose or bagged) with the hot water 5.) Wait for the steeping to finish and remove tea from water 6.) Add sugar, milk, etc… 7.) Sip and enjoy.  There are several intentional steps one must follow to brew a good cup of tea.  This process teaches us some simple, but important, concepts; recognize and appreciate beauty in the cup or pot we use, connect with our feelings to determine what kind of tea we want or need, be patient and wait for what we want, and finally, how to enjoy something so simple as a cup of tea.  I hope you take time to enjoy a cup of tea today!  Cheers. 


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