Tea in Colorado

Do you know that Celestial Seasonings is based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado?  They have a free factory tour that is very fun and interesting (http://www.celestialseasonings.com/visit-us).  I took my, now teenage, son when he was ~6 years old. It should be on any tea lover’s itinerary when they visit Boulder (along with the Dushanbe Tea House http://boulderteahouse.com/).  An ideal time to visit would be during the Rocky Mountain Tea Festival (http://rockymtnteafestival.com/) in the summertime.  The amazing Boulder Farmer’s Market is held on the street in front of the Dushanbe Tea House.

Cheers from the Centennial State!

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Make and Take Gifting Workshop

Just in time for the holidays…Get your holiday shopping done with Lotion Bar Cafe and FestiviTea!!

Join us anytime between 11am and 5pm. During this workshop you will create your own body scrub and select from high quality, curated items to include in uniquely and beautifully wrapped gifts. Included in your workshop is either one larger box or two smaller packages, which we will teach you how to make, assemble, and wrap.

Yummy refreshments will be served!

You will also be able to select from an assortment of items to create other gifts (costs will vary) with special wrapping included.

Spaces are limited so reserve your spot. $45 per person. Sign up at Lotion Bar Cafe Studio or click here to purchase tickets https://squareup.com/store/festivitea-celebration-in-a-cup


Make and Take Final snip

Grandma Alfa and Tea

Today was my maternal grandmother’s birthday.  I wanted to take a few minutes to recognize the lady that taught me to appreciate the practice of tea time.  Grandma Alfa was a classy lady with a cool New Jersey accent.  (I loved the way she referred to me as “Mawgie”. ) She was an excellent cook, baker, and a gracious host.  Her husband, my Grandpa David, was a proper Scot from Dundee.  I think Grandma was inspired by his family to practice the Scottish tradition of afternoon tea with shortbread.  Some of my fondest memories are baking with her then enjoying our bakes with a strong cup of black tea.  I cherished our quiet conversations; her gentle demeanor brought a calm into my chaotic childhood.  It was a simple ceremony but it meant so much to me.  Thank you, Grandma!  With so much love – Mawgie




What we can learn from the Japanese…

I love this video!  I lived in Japan for a couple years and was amazed by the courtesy, kindness, and order that existed in a country with such a dense population.


I also remember the first time I saw people walking around wearing masks, I wondered if there was something in the air I shouldn’t be breathing.   No, just another way that the Japanese are considerate of others.

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And of course the Japanese tea ceremony, while complicated and focused on aesthetics, the practice is all about the host showing consideration for the guests.  This is done in every movement and gesture of the ceremony.